Kari Butcher

Kari Butcher

Kari is a research and communications specialist with 25+ years of experience in corporate reputation, public affairs and issue campaigns, where she has deep expertise in turning data into actionable insights to drive client engagements. As a former political pollster, Kari brings a unique combination of issue management, reputation and advocacy campaign expertise. She has led the research for national issue advocacy campaigns, global reputation tracking studies and worked with multinational companies on managing risk and crisis recovery.   


Kari’s counsel extends to C-Suite executives within Fortune 500 companies across the health, food and beverage, and B2B sectors. She works with some of the leading global companies, academic institutions, law firms and trade organizations on crafting issue narratives, testing messages and measuring impact to guide communications for local, national and global issues. She has expertise in highly regulated industries and navigating sensitive issues dealing with policy, legislation, education, transportation, environmental and community issues.   


A true innovator, Kari creates avant-garde approaches for measuring communication impact through primary, secondary and internal data sources combined with predictive modeling to deliver actionable insights. She has shaped award-winning campaigns that tackle complex energy issues and advocacy, culminating in a coveted ARF David Ogilvy Awards–a testament to her ability to imbue campaigns with depth and impact.  


In an era where strategic guidance and actionable foresight are pivotal, Kari is an indomitable force, shaping narratives, influencing decisions and championing impact with unwavering dedication and visionary ingenuity.