Today too much of the industry is still focused on a one-way extraction of data, treating people like commodities. But we believe that the challenges facing brands and businesses today mean, now more than ever, they need to better understand the people they have to communicate with.

We start with people.

We question the why, not just the who and the what. We combine data, research and cutting-edge quantitative and qualitative techniques to truly reveal the people behind the numbers. It’s an approach that drives a two-way relationship, establishing a mutual data value exchange with people in which trust is the foundation. It becomes a virtuous circle; trust yields data, data enables empathy, empathy drives trust.

We call it data with empathy.

This is what sets us apart. Data with empathy requires bringing together expertise and skills that combine understanding culture and human emotion, with robust science and quantitative techniques:

  • We start by asking different questions.
  • We take a multidisciplinary approach to answering those deeply human questions.
  • We create unique earned content and experiences to build lasting, trusting relationships to drive mutual value exchange 


Human Intelligence

We enable innovative research and data methodologies to understand, capture, codify and activate the why behind what drives people to action.


Predictive Intelligence

We merge deep human understanding with data driven predictions that give scale to activation, quantify business impact, and anticipate risks, opportunities and culture.


Performance Intelligence

We deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right person with the right investment across all media and channels.