Since our inception, Edelman DXI has continually evolved, integrating new expertise and capabilities to remain at the forefront of innovation. Our relentless pursuit of excellence is evident in our seamless fusion of quantitative and qualitative research with digital analytics, predictive modeling and paid media.

Last fall, we embarked on a transformative internal competition, the NextSight Challenge—a call to arms for our teams to uncover the most intelligent and groundbreaking applications of AI for our clients and business.

What we saw over the course of six months illustrated the depth and breadth of expertise within our teams and underscored DXI’s creativity and commitment to excellence. Even more, the NextSight Challenge set the stage for revolutionary advancements for the future of DXI and our industry.

More than 100 members of our 400+ team engaged in the NextSight challenge, bringing a wealth of diversity and creativity to the forefront. The initiative united various teams from all levels and regions, catalyzing a dynamic exchange of ideas and strategies across the firm.

🥇 Congratulations to the winning team from our Chicago Office: Kaitlin McCarthy, Latha Saradha, Matt Hatch and Nivi Lakshminarayanan.

We had immense faith in this product, and we're grateful that this project enabled us to turn our vision into reality,” said team member, Matt Hatch.

The team created a tool that enables rapid creation and activation of customized KPIs, streamlining media analysis with user-friendly features.

"Our team was excited to develop our vision of delivering high-quality, real-time earned media analysis,” said Kaitlin McCarthy. “This innovative solution empowers our clients to make more informed strategic decisions about their communications."

From processes to products, our teams developed AI-fueled solutions to supercharge the way we work. Here are just a few examples of the other ideas that came to life:

  • Putting our trends analysis on steroids
  • Supercharging our qualitative research
  • Taking Edelman audience simulation to the next level
  • Revolutionizing quantitative research operations
  • Paving new paths to trust assessment

This competition served as an invaluable reinforcement of DXI's values by allowing us to:

Foster Cross-Specialty and Craft Collaboration: We’re known for our unique ability to work across specialties, but this challenge pushed those boundaries even further. Our teams fully relished in the opportunity for different specialties to interact, share and brainstorm outside of the context of day-to-day work.

Empower Bottom-Up Innovation: Spurred by the spirit-friendly competition, the Challenge reinforced our belief in the democratization of creating and implementing great new ideas.

Dream Bigger with AI: This challenge served as a practical platform to evangelize our team regarding AI's potential and applications, enhancing our collective tech fluency.

Reimagine Our Technology Stack: Our teams took a magnifying glass on current and prospective AI tools, sharing their findings and boosting our understanding of the current and future state of AI tools.

Have Fun: From creative team names, flashy design, and meticulously orchestrated presentations, to watching ideas grow and evolve in various workshopping sessions with some of Edelman's top leaders.

Reflecting on the achievements and insights from this challenge, we are energized by the potential of these innovations to enrich our work and offerings. Our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology ensures that we continue to deliver the smartest and most insightful work to our clients. Congratulations to the winners and participants!