Edelman Data & Intelligence (DXI)'s own Laarni Paras. was recently recognized by Women in Research (WiRe) as a Silver MRX Diversity Champion.

Silver Winner Laarni Paras is a Senior Director of Human Intelligence on Edelman's Data & Intelligence Team. Laarni is passionate about equity and human rights and the role of inclusion in research and innovation. She leads the DE&I practice within research in Canada and a senior contributor to Edelman DXI’s global DE&I committee, where she leads the ongoing development of more inclusive research standards in Canada and across the Edelman global practice. Prior to market research, Laarni worked for multiple non-governmental organizations working to advance human rights and ending violence against women and children.

‍Within the larger industry, Laarni is actively engaged in the Canadian Research Insights Council’s DEI Committee. She was a previous active board member of Insights in Color, a community for diverse market research & insights professionals rooted in intentional disruption, and a previous member of the University of Toronto Research and Ethics Board. Laarni is a recipient of the 2021 GRIT Future List and was a MRX Diversity Champion finalist in 2020. Remarking on the award, Paras stated, “I’m humbled and grateful to WIRe and the Insights Association for creating the space in market research for DEI. I am especially honoured to be listed along with my peers who are doing amazing work towards a more inclusive industry. There is so much more work to be done to break down and change the current colonialist systems that govern and influence research. As a leader, it is part of my personal mission to drive a more equitable, inclusive, accessible society. I challenge other leaders to use their power, privilege, and influence to break the status quo and be champions for diversity and social change, too.”

The WIRe MRX Diversity Champion award was created to honor individuals of all genders who are actively embracing all aspects of diversity, encouraging investment in a diverse workforce in market research, and embodying the values of respect, dignity, autonomy and equality. This year’s award was promoted in partnership with the Insights Association and with support from FUEL + Focus Room. Past winners include Denene Jonielle Rodney in 2017; Babita Earle and JD Deitch in 2018; Sophia Papadopoulos and Lindsey Brinkworth and Jess Mons in 2019; Damon Jones and Rebecca Vega in 2020; and Catherine Yuile and Theo Francis in 2021.

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