Toby Gunton Red

Toby Gunton

Toby joined Edelman DXI in July 2020 to take on the role of EMEA lead, launching and building the regional business. He loves helping connect so many smart people, new technologies and techniques in new ways to understand the context and people behind briefs better than ever before and to build out smarter, more effective ways of solving client problems.

Before joining the DXI team Toby prepared himself for the ultimate role by spending over 20 years in Digital, Advertising, Media and PR agencies. As a Managing Director, Strategy Lead, Innovation Lead or Client Lead he has worked with clients including McDonald’s, Unilever, ASICS, Andrex, Subway, RBS, Penguin, Cisco, Conran, Carling, Sky, Channel 4, Santander, Churchill, Warburtons, Boots and many more.

When not thinking about data and intelligence, Toby spends as much time as he can on the water. A former windsurfer, qualified sailing instructor and keen powerboater, as long as it floats, he’ll have a go.