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Allegra Airways just changed the game for allergy-sufferers with a data-driven real-time navigation tool that combines pollen and air pollution data for the first time, helping people find cleaner air to breathe.


81M+ Americans suffer from seasonal allergies. Air pollution is making pollen seasons longer, more intense and is worsening symptoms. It’s estimated that 50% of all people will suffer from allergies by 2050.

As a brand that exists to make breathing easier, they asked our boutique health agency, Salutem, to develop an activation that elevated Allegra’s value, so the brand would not only treat allergy symptoms but help change people’s lives by addressing external factors that cause them.

Allegra wanted a campaign to educate consumers about the pollen and pollution health connection, drive engagement with the brand beyond the medicine and increase sales by easing access to the product at moments when consumers need it most.


We ran a meta-analysis of scientific data on poor air quality and its effects on health, and learned that when pollution combines with pollen, it exacerbates allergy symptoms by 3 times.

Then, we conducted social listening using AI tools, and ran an in-market perception shift study, learning that 63% of allergy sufferers were worried about the air they were breathing, trapping themselves inside on bad air-days.

Our strategy was to create meaningful value for allergy sufferers by putting actionable data in their hands so they can live and move outdoors.

So, we built Allegra Airways: the world’s first navigation tool specifically designed to provide real-time running, biking and walking routes with better air quality. Covering 9 million square kilometers of the U.S., down to an accuracy of 5 metres, the web-based-tool suggests alternative routes with less air-pollen and less pollution, powered by live data.


Partnering with an environmental data company, we tracked 12 types of pollen and 6 types of air pollutants in real-time, down to an accuracy of 5 meters. For additional protection, we also offered geo-targeted coupons based on live pollen counts, with higher pollen levels giving bigger discounts on Allegra. We also crowdsourced voices to drive change by helping us identify locations with low air quality and share that data with civic authorities.

We launched our healthcare-focused product with experiences at Climate Week in New York and SXSW in Austin, TX. Pedicabs offered rides on real-time routes with better air quality and EV-trucks shared directions to nearby hotspots with less pollen and pollution, driving adoption of the tool.

Wellness influencer and celebrity allergy sufferer Lance Bass became our ambassador, sharing his story and how Allegra Airways helps him to navigate his everyday life, breathing better.


The campaign and innovation has already made a significant impact on Allegra’s business. We’ve turned a 4% decline in sales into 1.45% growth, driving $3m in sales and still building.

In an undifferentiated market where Allegra was 3rd place, we’ve driven:

  • +50% increase in purchase intent, with 38% of people saying they’d switch to Allegra
  • +17% pts increase in brand trust
  • +16% pts increase in perceived brand competency

Within 5 weeks, the tool had created 206,943 clean routes, resulting in 55,874,610 clean breaths taken. It generated 3.5 billion in earned media impressions, shifting it from 3rd to 2nd in category share of voice.


in sales


Earned Media Impressions

+17% pts

increase in brand trust