Sponsorship Optimization


Predictive Intelligence

Supercuts wanted a holistic understanding of the impact their sponsorship with a major sporting league had on business. Our team analyzed this partnership through a curated measurement strategy focused on budget optimization and planning.


Sponsorship with one of America’s favorite games can provide positive brand exposure in both national and local outlets. Still, when our client faced increased budget pressure, they wanted to understand the ROI of the investment, especially when compared with other channels. 

Our team needed to create a measurement solution outlining the sales impact associated with each sponsorship component. The brand-building nature of the sponsorship drove us to create a strategy that accounted for both a short-term and long-term business impact. 


Our team audited historical data to understand the relationship between sales and investments in each of the marketing and sponsorship channels.  

Our key data points focused on: 

  • Sales 

  • Brand health metrics 

  • Spend and impression metrics for the paid in-stadium exposure 

  • Media support 

  • Value-added from league sponsorship and related special promotions 


Our team conducted a time-series analysis because the value of sponsorships accumulates over time. This research measured the relationship between each media channel’s investment levels. Additionally, it displayed short-term and long-term sales, enabling Supercuts to understand the ROI of the sponsorship, compare it to other media, and consider future media spending.  


Ultimately, our findings led us to recommend that Supercuts keep the sponsorship with an eye to reducing non-working costs to improve efficiency. This decision prioritizes an enduring strategy that emphasizes the value in long-term, consistent brand-building.

While the short-term effects of the sponsorship underperformed relative to traditional paid media, when you added in the long-term brand effect, the investment ROI was comparable to other paid campaigns we evaluated.